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Citto Corporation is an activated carbon company, with expertise and commitment to supplying superior quality activated carbon products with ISO9001-certified across the globe. Our activated carbon portfolio comprises a wide spectrum of powdered, granular and extruded activated carbon grades for drinking water, wastewater, odor control, pollution abatement, and a variety of industrial and commercial manufacturing processes.

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Global Networks

Based on our global networks, market development teams and regional experts, we are working to develop new markets and innovate our business practices.

Social Responsibilities

We are committed to contributing to social and economic development as well as to the betterment of people’s daily lives by helping resolve social issues through business activities as a responsible member of the global community.

Our Missions

We will continue to relish great challenges and work to outperform the top players in business fields and markets across the world, aiming to become a true global company that contributes to both regional economies and society.

Towards the Dream of "World's Leading Company"

Based on our business experience, we have created sustaining market growth and expansion abroad. We will continue take one step after another on the path toward our goal of becoming a world-leading global company that promotes the development of our society and advances our values, embodying Citto’s management values of Trust, Respect, and Innovation.


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Whatever your application, traditional or innovative, we have the experience and access to the most up to date information to ensure that you will get the right product and the support you need to succeed.