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We understand how important it is to protect people and the environment from contaminants in water, air, food and industrial processes. We understand because we have been providing the products and resources for customers who have partnered with us in solving these challenges. Citto Corporation is the leading supplier in activated carbon industry.

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Citto Corporation is one of the major suppliers of solution provider with Activated Carbon. Our product portfolio comprises a wide spectrum of powdered, granular and extruded activated carbon grades. We are able to serve the most diverse needs of our customers, using for odor control, natural gas treatment, solvent recovery, waste water treatment and many other applications.

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We focus on creating viable solutions with an emphasis on the environment and sustaining many promising tomorrows. We strive to supply high-quality, cost-effective products and work with our customers to determine the best value option for their requirements in keeping with accepted specifications for any application.

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At Citto, we share a set of core values based on integrity, understanding, excellence, creativity, unity and responsibility. These values, a part of the Citto’s beliefs and convictions since the very beginning.

Air Purification

Whether you are working to meet emission regulations to protect the environment and human health, controlling emissions, or reducing harmful or nuisance odors. We offer a variety of activated carbon products to help address your needs.

Water Treatment

Whether source water contaminants are present in low or high concentration, alone or in combination with other contaminants, we supply activated carbons to meet purification, performance and regulatory compliance goals.

Industrial Process

Incineration has long been used as an efficient and cost effective way to safely dispose of municipal and hazardous waste. We work with you to understand your facility parameters, to help you select the appropriate activated carbon product for your needs.

Strategic Approach

Citto Corporation has an extensive portfolio of activated carbon products used in a variety of environmental applications, including air purification, water treatment and numerous industrial processes.

The Citto Advantage

We operate on an integrated global basis to provide innovative solutions and superior quality products, our supply chain efficiency combined with origin and logistical flexibility enables us to deliver significant value to our customers around the world.


Across the world’s most innovative industries, we are working together with our customers to enhance production efficiencies, minimize waste, and remove pollutants.